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About Us

Having both built and run successful businesses themselves, sport had always run through their veins and it was only time before Punt Partners was born.

Both Philly & Cruze (Punt Partners) had achieved success on the sporting field through their individual endeavors, but it was as a team that they would achieve their ultimate success.

“We were sick of the average punter losing their hard earned cash punting with terrible information given by a teenage kid operating out of his parents garage.”

To say they are sports nuts is an understatement. Over the past 3 years they have built a team of experts in numerous sports from across the globe and provide up to the minute info and analysis that’s 2nd to none.

At the end of the day, we love to win. And if we can help the average punter get ahead we’re more than happy to help too!

  • Highly Successful

    Punt Partners was established after 3 highly successful years of sports analysis and betting. We currently have over 10,000 followers on Facebook and 2000 loyal subscribers.

  • Expert Analysis!

    Our team of sports betting and analysis experts possess 30 years of combined experience in the industry.

  • Impressive Record!

    Punt Partners have achieved an impressive track record for both Australian and international sports, hitting an average of 64% winners in the past 3 months and 68% for the 2016 year.

  • Guaranteed Insight!

    Our customers can rest assured that whenever they use our picks, they are guaranteed knowledge, insight, and accuracy that results in an experience that is unforgettable and compelling, every time.


Benefits of getting your daily sports tips and strategies from Punt Partners:

Any sport you want to enjoy, at your fingertips
Expertly researched sports betting predictions
Make your bets from anywhere in the world
A variety of subscriptions to suit
Daily sports tips emails

What others say about us

Kim Westwood

I have been with Punt Partners since the beginning. Before that I shopped around with other groups and never seemed to make money. One group deleted all negative comments and the other just stopped posting tips.
Since I have been with Punt Partners I have made money each month on top of paying for my subscription with the winnings. You won’t just see low odds here with a vast range or sports and leagues from around the world punting partners is bringing you games outside the box. They are always up front and honest and beverage hide results from anyone.
This is not a get rich quick scheme like so many others promise they are about long term profit and I can tell you I am in profit overall with many other members buying holidays, cars, household items and pools from their winnings.
No point looking anywhere else with other pages joining to take their tips. Do yourself a favour and join today, come for the winning and stick around for the banter. Punt Partners is a true community feeling.

Kim Westwood
Gav Stephenson

I joined the Punt Partners team late October just for a bit of a casual punt. It wasn’t long before I was making some serious cash. Like most I was skeptical at first as everywhere you look there are ‘expert’ punters offering tips. But these guys are definitely the real deal. They have a wide knowledge of sports and are always up for just chatting about other sports and offeri g advice. They have a great banking system set up so you are always putting profit away and building. The group is full of great people and I’ve made some great mates out of it. Punt Partners really does suit anyone from the casual punter to the serious bets. Give them a go and I promise you won’t regret it.

Gav Stephenson
Steve Caligari

PP you guys are doing some crazy work for everyone.
Writing a testimony about these guys is the least I can do, I have had a holiday with everything paid for thanx to their work.
It’s been awesome having extra cash to buy the things I want and not have to think about it.
As a bonus the community they have created is second to none and sometimes the banter during the games is better then the game itself.
Give PP a go, you won’t look back.

Steve Caligari

What a ride this has been Punt Partners. Plenty of ups and downs but the main thing is we’ve been up the whole time. I’ve never really punt on such a wide range of sports and leagues before but loving every bit of it. Keep up the great work boys.